Jana Wagemaker


About me

I am currently a postdoc at Reykjavik University, working with Antonis Achilleos and Luca Aceto. In July 2024 I start as an assistant professor at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, in the Software Science Group. Before I was a postdoc in Reykjavik, I was a PhD student at Radboud University under the supervision of Jurriaan Rot and Alexandra Silva. I defended my PhD thesis titled Extensions of (Concurrent) Kleene Algebra in October 2022.

You can write me at firstname DOT lastname AT ru DOT nl.


My research interests focus on formal methods in the area of program analysis. Analysing how algorithms behave is a problem in our society, with many fundamental processes relying on software. Approaching this problem using formal frameworks based on logics and algebras brings guarantees concerning what we know about the objects we study, and what we can theoretically know. For instance, such formal frameworks often come with proofs of their own correctness (when the framework says the program behaves badly or correctly, we have a proof that we can trust this statement), guarantees concerning decidability, or guarantees that a program does or does not display certain behaviour. Mathematical guarantees on solutions to problems concerning automated reasoning are an attractive feature to me. My research focuses on the modular development of specification languages (that can be used for reasoning about programs) from an algebraic perspective. In addition, I research the mathematical foundations of those algebraic perspectives. Concretely, I worked on Kleene algebra and related topics during my PhD, and during my postdoc I have focused on the logical principles of monitorability, which is a fundamental area of study within runtime verification.